Educators: Teacher attributes that parents like most

Why do some teachers get along well with parents … and others don’t? Research points to several personal attributes that have a positive influence on teachers’ relationships with both parents and students: warmth, openness, sensitivity, flexibility, reliability and accessibility. Parents say that these teacher characteristics are also desirable: trust, closeness, positive self-image, effective classroom management,[…]

Educators: 4 Ways to encourage parents to motivate their children

Some parents believe that students don’t learn because their teachers are ineffective. Some teachers believe students don’t learn because their parents don’t care. While there may occasionally be some truth to both statements, they are far too simplistic to explain why some students aren’t motivated to learn. While neither the teacher nor the parent is[…]

Parents: Sportsmanship—not just for sports

It’s important to teach your child to be a good sport, but don’t limit it to athletics. Good sportsmanship is also important in life. And you play a key role in helping build this respectful behavior at home so your child can be successful in school. To encourage sportsmanship on and off the field: • Emphasize respect for others—family[…]