Q. I failed a student because he did not turn in work in my class. I met with his parents to outline what he needed to do to pass. He did not choose to complete those requirements. They have contacted the principal, the school board and the superintendent. Now they want another conference with me.[…]

Educators: Use Registration Time to Encourage At-Home Learning

As parents register their children for school, give them some parent handouts that emphasize the importance of learning at home. You might have several handouts available so parents can choose from topics such as: Ways to promote reading at home. Reading lists for various grade levels. Math activities to enjoy at home. Setting up a[…]

Educators: What Parents Want From Teacher Conferences

Parents want more than just “surface information” from teachers during parent-teacher conferences. Parents might be interested in test scores and attendance records. But they also want to delve deeper into their children’s school life. They want to know if their children are happy in school and how they interact with other students and adults. For[…]

Educators: 4 Ways to encourage parents to motivate their children

Some parents believe that students don’t learn because their teachers are ineffective. Some teachers believe students don’t learn because their parents don’t care. While there may occasionally be some truth to both statements, they are far too simplistic to explain why some students aren’t motivated to learn. While neither the teacher nor the parent is[…]

Educators: Build school-home relationship with home visits

You’ve knocked down every barrier to parent involvement, but they still won’t come. What’s the solution? Take involvement to parents. Many schools have set up a program of home visits as a bridge between home and school. For a variety of reasons, some parents are not able to get involved. Others are simply not comfortable[…]