Educators: Older Students More Likely to Have Single Parents

Parents of adolescents are more likely to be divorced, single or remarried than are parents of elementary school children, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Middle schools and high schools need to pay special attention to meeting the needs of single parents, and also to keeping both parents informed about their children’s education. Activities[…]

Parents: Discipline your stepchild with calm authority

Do you ever hear, “You’re not my parent!” when disciplining your stepchild? There’s a reason he’s using those words—they hurt. And if he’s upset, he may be hoping to get you just as upset. But don’t take the bait. Instead, when you respond: Say, “You’re right. I’m not your parent. But I do care about[…]

Parenting solo? Give yourself a break!

Raising kids can be tough, especially if you’re going it alone. If you are a single parent, it can be helpful to take a break from your child once in a while. Ask family members or friends to pitch in while you go shopping, take a walk or spend a few hours enjoying a good book. You love your child, so if you take[…]