Educators: Build school-home relationship with home visits

You’ve knocked down every barrier to parent involvement, but they still won’t come. What’s the solution? Take involvement to parents. Many schools have set up a program of home visits as a bridge between home and school. For a variety of reasons, some parents are not able to get involved. Others are simply not comfortable[…]

Parents: Discipline dilemma – Lying

Your child may think she has a “good reason” for lying, but that doesn’t make it okay. If your child lies to you, here’s how to deal with the situation: • Figure out why she lies. If lying results in your giving her your undivided attention, that could be what your child is seeking. The solution may be to spend more one-on-one time together. • Let her[…]

Parents: Open the lines of communication

When you speak with your child, how well do you actually communicate? To make sure you communicate effectively: • Speak your child’s language. Use words she understands. • Stay calm. Even if you’re angry, try not to yell at her. • Watch your body language. When it comes to communicating with your child, nonverbal cues can speak volumes.