Parents: Responsible behavior begins at home

You want your child to be a responsible student. Giving him chores at home is an important way to help develop a sense of responsibility that will transfer to responsible behavior at school. Here are some tips:

• Make sure he has the knowledge and supplies he needs. If he’s learning to make his bed, for example, practice together until he’s confident.

• Schedule chores to match your child’s energy level. If he’s busy and tired on school days, assign weekend chores. He might clean his room or water the plants every Saturday, for example.

• Give him a say in which chores he does. He might actually enjoy putting away laundry or washing the dog.

• Find ways to motivate your child. Post sayings around the house, such as: “Always do your personal best!” Or mention fun, after-chore activities: “As soon as the trash is outside, we can leave for the mall.”

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