Educators: Nine Parent Engagement Truths You Must Know Now

Right now, when getting a good education has never been more important—and when school resources are stretched as thin as most of us can ever remember—it is essential to make sure that parents and families are fully engaged in the education of their children, both at home and at school.

There is no question that parent and family involvement has a profound influence on children’s school success, yet school improvement and reform efforts to date have focused almost entirely on what happens in school buildings and on what school staff can do.

It is time to get serious about enlisting parents in the education of their children and putting their research-proven potential to work as a team with your staff to improve learning and student achievement.

This report summarizes the best of what we at The Parent Institute have learned about effective parent involvement in the past 20 years. It is packed with practical, proven ideas that you can implement right away with virtually no impact on your budget.

These are the truths you need to know now!

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