February 19, 2016

cropped-The-Parent-Institute-FB.pngThe Parent Institute sponsors this blog containing valuable tips and articles for parents and educators. It represents a tiny representative sample of the kind of content we have available for educators.

Decades of research have repeatedly shown that parent involvement is the number one contributing factor to a child’s educational success.

We develop materials addressing a variety of parenting, educational, and social topics to assist educators like you with communication to the home-front, telling parents the things you would if you could speak to each one individually.

Our catalog is filled with numerous affordable print titles, age- and language-specific newsletters, as well as dynamic content that you can post on your school’s website or distribute on social media outlets to keep your content fresh. We also have resource kits on a variety of subjects to make your job easier.

Yes, Title I and Federal Funds qualify.

Additionally, we have a team of experts that responds to difficult parenting questions.

Call us toll free at 1-800-756-5525 or email our customer service at <>.

Booklets on Academic Achievement, Discipline, Homework and Study Skills, The Learning Advisor, Parenting, Raising Responsible Children, Reading, School Readiness, and Skills for School Success