Educators: Give Families a ‘Fitness Challenge’

We know that students who eat right and exercise are not only healthier—they are also more fit for learning! So why not engage families in a food and fitness challenge?

Suggest kids challenge their parents to see who can live the healthiest lifestyle for a week. The family member who eats the healthiest breakfasts and does the most activities is the winner.

Give families a sample form on which they can keep their scores. Kids and parents can give themselves:

  • One point for each food group they consume at breakfast—or at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Provide families with a list of foods in each group. Have students create a Food Guide Pyramid to post on the refrigerator as a reminder.
  • One point for each activity they perform each day for more than 10 minutes—like walking, roller blading, shooting hoops, volleyball or riding a bike.


For added friendly competition, consider creating teams and seeing which team can come up with the most family points!

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