Educators: Get parents engaged with interactive homework assignments

When parents are interested and actively involved in their child’s homework assignments, that child is more likely to complete the assignments, and also to complete them successfully. Interactive homework assignments offer a great opportunity for parents to get involved.


Following are some research-based findings about interactive homework. When you make such assignments:

  • Provide opportunities for students and parents to reason through tasks together.
  • Incorporate goal-setting and self-management activities that help children learn to think and acquire new knowledge independently.
  • Make sure they are appropriate for diverse populations of students and families. Be mindful of family backgrounds and take parent and student interests into account.
  • Provide clear and complete directions.
  • Allow for some degree of flexibility. For example, rather than having a due date for each assignment, provide a time frame in which all assignment should be completed.
  • Take time to explain each assignment carefully in class. Make sure that your students understand how the assignment is to be completed, and that they understand the objectives of the assignment and why those objectives are important.

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