Educators: Build school-home relationship with home visits

You’ve knocked down every barrier to parent involvement, but they still won’t come. What’s the solution? Take involvement to parents. Many schools have set up a program of home visits as a bridge between home and school. For a variety of reasons, some parents are not able to get involved. Others are simply not comfortable visiting the school.

Home visits can:

  • Provide information about the school.
  • Address issues about a student’s progress.
  • Offer support to parents.
  • Serve as personal invitations to get involved.

In preparation:

  • Contact parents well in advance.
  • Explain the purpose of the visit.
  • Schedule the visit according to family convenience.
  • Review the student’s record.
  • Leave a schedule and emergency contact information with office.

During the visit:

  • Begin with positive comments.
  • Discuss the purpose of the visit.
  • Listen to parents’ concerns.
  • Establish goals.
  • Model learning activities.

In conclusion:

  • Invite parents to get involved, perhaps to attend an event.
  • Leave contact information and encourage parents to call with questions.
  • Make plans to follow up.

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