Coordinators can recruit partners for family involvement activities

The old proverb that begins, “It takes a village” is especially true when it comes to parent involvement. Often, some of the things that make a school program a success—providing transportation, a meal, or a special guest speaker—involve resources that just aren’t in the budget. But the family involvement coordinator can play a vital role in bringing in the people and support needed.

The family involvement coordinator can:

  • Get to know the families in the school. The family involvement coordinator can keep a list of parents with specialized talents or interesting knowledge that can reinforce academic standards.
  • Find out about the school’s connections to local funders. The family involvement coordinator can keep a list of parents who work for the businesses in your community. Some businesses might be more likely to make a contribution to a school if an employee makes the request.
  • Reach out. Raising funds is about building relationships—and that takes time. The family involvement coordinator can make it a priority to reach out to local community groups and businesses to see how they might help.
  • Attend community meetings. Sometimes, a chance meeting at the Chamber of Commerce or civic league can lead to a productive partnership for the school.
  • Keep a list of community resources. That way, teachers and counselors can refer families to organizations that will help.

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