Educators: What’s Missing From YOUR School Website?

It’s neither hard nor expensive to make your website one of the most helpful sources of information about your school. With very little time and expense, you’ll see increased school support from parents and the community—and spend less time answering the same questions over and over again, time that can be better focused on improving[…]

Educators: The Powerful ‘Secret’ to Effective Parent Involvement

Issuing genuine invitations is the secret to getting parents to understand that you really do want and need them to get involved in their child’s academic success. Parents need to know that you really are inviting them to be involved. Yes, you are polite and smiling when you invite them, but often parents think you don’t really mean[…]

Educators: 44 Proven Ideas You Can Give Parents to Boost Student Achievement

Decades of research support the connection between parent involvement and factors that affect school success. Research shows that when parents and families are involved, their children are more likely to be motivated, earn higher grades and graduate. These children are also less likely to miss school, get suspended, act violently or use illegal substances. Here are 44 proven ideas school leaders can share with parents to help[…]

Parents: School Administrator’s Top 10 Discipline Tips All Parents Should Know

Discipline is often a parent’s greatest challenge. Good discipline is critical to student success—and experts know it’s best taught by parents at home. Thankfully, there are discipline basics you can rely on throughout your child’s life to help you along the way. Research indicates that being a nurturing parent—not too harsh and not too lenient—helps[…]