Educators: 10 Ways to engage busy families

One of the biggest obstacles to parent involvement is parents’ lack of time. To be sensitive to the time pressures that parents face, here are some things you can do: Be flexible when parents visit the school without a formal appointment. For instance, teachers can cover for each other to allow for impromptu parent-teacher conferences.[…]

Educators: 4 Ways to encourage parents to motivate their children

Some parents believe that students don’t learn because their teachers are ineffective. Some teachers believe students don’t learn because their parents don’t care. While there may occasionally be some truth to both statements, they are far too simplistic to explain why some students aren’t motivated to learn. While neither the teacher nor the parent is[…]

Parents: Team up with your child’s teachers

Homework struggles shouldn’t lead to discipline struggles at home. If your child feels frustrated and overwhelmed at homework time, it’s time for teamwork! You and your child’s teachers have the same goal—academic success for your child. So here’s what to do: Make an appointment with the teacher. Identify the problem. The teacher spends hours with[…]